Sealants in Bedford Park, IL: What Are the Facts About It?

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The teeth are composed of grooves that cannot be easily reached by merely brushing and flossing. These pits and fissures are most likely to be the dwelling place of food debris. When leftover particles are not totally removed from these certain surfaces, cavities attacked. For the teeth to stay protected, our dentist at Bedford Dental require patients for dental sealants application. Sealants are responsible for filling those crevices to ensure that the teeth are free from decay. To know more about the treatment, here are some facts:

  • The main goal of dental sealant is to shield the teeth against decay-causing bacterias. It serves as a shield that hinders toxic particles from contacting the teeth directly.
  • Sealants are composed of thin resin coating that quickly bonds into the pits and fissures of the teeth when applied.
  • The teeth that are situated at the back of the mouth, commonly known as molars and premolars, are usually the most frequent to receive sealants.
  • Both young and adult patients can benefit from the treatment. Nevertheless, in most cases, the dentist doesn’t actually base on age but the person’s teeth condition.
  • Individuals who invested in sealants are 80 percent more likely to decrease the chance of acquiring cavities as stated by the American Dental Association.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Sealants

How long will dental sealants last?

The lifespan of sealants may vary from the number of wear-and-tear they regularly encounter. But typically, the efficacy of dental sealants can withstand for five to ten years.

When should children opt for sealants?

The recommended time for young patients to undergo the treatment is during the appearance of their permanent molars and premolars.

Is sealant a good substitute for fluoride?

Unfortunately, dental sealants and fluoride function differently. The task of sealants is to safeguard the teeth from dental caries while fluoride remineralizes the tooth to keep decay at bay. For extra protection and defense, these two treatments must be provided to the patient. Our dental office at Bedford Dental has available fluoride application and dental sealants services.

How to maximize the longevity of sealants?

Lengthen the lifespan of your sealants by following proper oral hygiene daily, getting away from acidic foods or beverages, and visiting the dentist twice a year.


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