Things to Know About Dentures in Bedford Park, IL

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It’s not really nice to live with an incomplete set of teeth. You will have to battle with inferiority, poor social engagements, and sometimes, eating difficulties. However, you don’t necessarily have to struggle with these for the rest of your lives! If you want to regain your smile, talk to us at Bedford Dental. We customize well-fitting dentures as a replacement for the patient’s missing teeth.




Essential Facts About Dentures

We listed down some of the important pieces of information about dentures to help you decide whether it is the right restorative treatment for you:

  • Dentures are not just applicable to those who lost all of their teeth. Even if you only have a few of your teeth removed, opting for dentures is also possible. The oral device can be acquired either full or partial.
  • The dental professional sees to it that the prosthesis aesthetically matched the patient’s existing teeth.
  • Even though the materials used in creating dentures are durable, patients are still advised to replace them every five years or so.

Proper Cleaning of Dentures

As much as you put effort on cleaning your mouth, caring for your dentures must also be done on a regular basis to eliminate plaques, tartar, and other unwanted particles that had gathered on the appliance. To do this, remove the dentures from your mouth and rinse it with water to loosen any food debris. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap, gently brush the denture. It might be a good idea to use toothpaste as a cleaner, however, to avoid denture scratches, opt for a less abrasive alternative instead. Do not forget to wash the oral appliance adequately after brushing.

To preserve the denture, remember to take it out from your mouth when sleeping. Keep the oral appliance moisturized by soaking it in lukewarm water. Avoid exposing the denture to hot temperatures to avoid warping the material.


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